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Get a new perspective on geometry!

Cube² is a minimalist mobile puzzle game created with Unity 3D that focuses on the geometry of a cube. The game features rotation-based mechanics that focus on the spatial orientation of the cube and the squares within. 

The purpose of creating Cube² was to foster creativity, expand individual portfolios, deepen our understanding of quaternions, and create a game to be played on web and mobile platforms. Brandon Cluff (design, programming, & vfx) and Hiromi Cota (design & programming) collaborated with Tomás Carlson (music) to release Cube² as Ghost Friends Entertainment. 

Install instructions

Android and iOS files will install and work perfectly. If you're interested in previewing a mostly-broken WebGL version of the game, checkout GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/cube-squared/346556


CubeSquared.apk 30 MB
CubeSquaredForiOS 25 MB

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